Guns N' Roses Fan Is Planning to Sue After Axl Rose's Microphone Struck Him in the Face.
Posted by Chris Dillon on 3/14/2013 6:58:00 AM.

A GUNS N' ROSES fan was hit in the face by AXL ROSE'S cordless microphone during a show in Australia over the weekend . . . and it busted up his mouth.  His two front teeth were damaged, he suffered a cut lip, and his mouth was bleeding.

Eric Clapton and his legacy
Posted by Dan O'Brien on 3/6/2013 2:21:00 PM.
Eric Clapton said in an interview recently, that he is considering calling it a day (as far as touring goes) within a few years.I must admit,the story caught me just a bit off guard..The notion of the great Clapton approaching age 70 set me to ponder the enormous impact the guitar player has had  over  last the six decades.Whether you love him or hate his music,Eric defined the modern guitar sound!!...The sound that virtually everyone who picks up an electric 6 string emulates,know it or not.If Eric is remembered for one thing it must be the fact that he first married a Gibson Les Paul (with humbucking pickups) to a Marshall amp(JTM45 in a 2x12 combo) channelling that wonderfully robust,harmonically dense overdrive and distortion that we now see as mainstream.The irony was that Eric was trying to imitate the Chicago blues sound of guitarists like Freddy King,Otis Rush and Buddy Guy when he bought the Les Paul,the same guitar that King had on one of his album covers.Almost accidentally, when plugged into the Marshall(a Fender Bassman clone) the thick,beautiful overdrive coupled with a blues style similar to King,Rush and Guy,started a guitar revolution that still reverberates..EVERY guitarist worth his mojo,from Hendrix and Page to Duane Allman,Billy Gibbons and Richie Blackmore raced to keep pace.In 1966 the young Clapton recorded the Bluesbreaker album with John Mayall.It was on this LP that Eric debuted this "new" sound that shook up the world!..Many guitar slingers feel this album is EC's finest and evergreen effort  and I must agree.A club player for many years,the "Bluesbreaker sound" to me is still the muse and I probably listen to the record at least a couple times a month, even now...I know every lick by heart but its that "sound" that still gets me!!.....I was going up to a Bruins game a couple of weeks ago with an old college friend and dropped in the Bluesbreaker CD in the car player.My friend had never heard it before and was so taken back by the sheer power of the album, that he vowed to pick it up the very next week..."Dont bother,"I said..."keep it"..I didnt mention I had four other copies,two of which were vinyl! The Bluesbreakers,John Mayall with Eric Clapton,1966....This record changed everything.........Thanks Eric...... ......Dan OBrien WNLC radio....

A NEW Email: My Wife Keeps All Her Old Cell Phones . . . Because They Have Texts from Her Old Boyfriends:

Posted by Chris Dillon on 3/5/2013 2:57:00 PM.

Q: My wife is a very sentimental, emotional person.  She likes to hold on to anything that has some kind of emotional significance. She even has a stack of three old cell phones that she doesn't use anymore. 
I told her she needs to erase them, then donate them, because she'll never use them again. But she wants to hold on to them . . . because they all have text messages from her old boyfriends.
Nothing scandalous . . . so she says . . . but should my wife hold on to stuff from old boyfriends when she's married to me?  Is it ridiculous that she's holding on to her cell phones because of emotional texts?

 --Gus, 38

A: Damn Gus, this is bizarre. Look, we’re the same age and being that we’re both guys I’m going to be straight with you.
THERE’S A PROBLEM! I need you to listen to me. There is a very good chance that your wife holding on to her old cell phones has nothing to do with schmaltzy texts and EVERYTHING to do with filthy, lowdown, straight on hot jungle love. I mean the kind that’ll make your jaw drop to the ground like the horny wolf on Looney Tunes when he spots the pin-up model.
You need to get your little hands on those phones and comb over em like a silver back gorilla combs her young. Yes, you may feel guilty when you find yourself reading texts that sound like they’re straight out of the "Notebook", but at least you’ll have piece of mind knowing your wife didn’t roll play going "Boogie Nights" with every member of Il Divo.
So get reading and report back! 

send your questions to:

What Would YOU Do??
Posted by Chris Dillon on 3/5/2013 9:31:00 AM.

An Ad Agency Promoted the New Movie "Dead Man Down" by Letting Unsuspecting People Walk in On a Fake Murder in Progress

 Colin Farrell's new crime thriller "Dead Man Down" opens this Friday.  And to promote it, an ad agency in New York pranked a bunch of people . . . by staging a fake MURDER in an elevator, and letting them walk in on it.

--When the elevator doors opened, they saw a guy STRANGLING another guy with a rope, and a lot of them just screamed and ran away.  But a surprising number actually tried to stop it

 --And one guy just stood there taking pictures with his cell phone.  (--Which makes me a little suspicious that some of these were set up.  See if you agree.  It's at 1:34

~Dillon in the Morning

Watch it below or here's the link.

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