Top Signs NASA is in Financial Trouble
Posted by Chris Dillon on 5/28/2013 8:08:00 AM.

So, this week we learned that NASA is now leasing out one of its launch pads in Florida.  For more on our space agency's struggles . . . here are the Top Signs NASA is in Financial Trouble.


 -It's a government agency under President Obama.

 -Its next mission is to send an astronaut to Cash-for-Gold.

 -In order to raise money through product placement, the next astronaut to visit the moon will be required to take one small step for Nissan, one giant leap for Diet Dr. Pepper.

-The stars of "Operation Repo" just drove off with a Mercury space capsule.

-There's not even enough money in the budget for another FAKE moon landing.

-The study of alien life forms is just going to have to stop at Amanda Bynes.

-During tours of Mission Control, kids can maneuver the Mars Rover for 50 cents a minute.

-Astronaut training is now just the Tilt-A-Whirl at Six Flags.

-Coming soon:  The "accidental" zero gravity astronaut sex tape.

-To save time, countdowns now only start at 6.

-They hired their last team of shuttle technicians from the parking lot of Home Depot.

-The next three moon missions will be produced by Tyler Perry.

-They want to go to the moon again, but only to get away from their creditors.

~Dillon in the Morning

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